Summarize YONJOU food grade stainless steel gear pumps can with SS304 or SS 316 construction,gears and shaft and give longer life with trouble-free performance. They can operate up to maximum pressure of 2.5Mpa, and has suction lift of 5 m at rated speed of 1450 RPM. These pumps are highly suitable for pumping and transfer of corrosive chemicals, acids, dyes, resins, pigment, printing Inks and various other liquids up to viscosity of 500 cst and temperature of 200鈩? The pumps are optionally available with built in pressure relief valve. The company also offers simple design cast iron pumps for transfer of non-corrosive liquids, fuel oils, diesel oils, etc, with built-in relief valve facility. Special pumps for OEM can also be developed as per requirement. If you want small micro stainless steel gear pump, choose our CQCB model as below Typepower (W)VoltagePressure (MPa)Flow (L/min)Speed (r/min)Frequency (Hz)Caliber (G) 8CQB-3120380/220/240.53280050/601/8" 10CQB-5180380/220/240.55280050/601/8" 15CQB-10370380/220/240.510280050/603/8" 20CQB-15550380/220/240.515280050/601/2" If you want bigger one, choose KCB stainless steel as below ModelSizeRated FlowMax. PressureRated SpeedMax. Power Inchmmm3/hLPMUSG/MBarPsiRPMkWHp KCB18.33/4鈥?/p>201.118.3514.521014501.52 KCB33.3233.372.23 KCB551鈥?/p>253.355151014514502.23 KCB83.31-1/2鈥?/p>40583.32245.5 KCB1332鈥?/p>508133359605.57.5 KCB200122005314501115 KCB3003鈥?/p>8018300799601520 KCB483.329483.312814502230 KCB6334鈥?/p>100386331679603040 KCB9605896025414504560 KCB12006鈥?/p>150721200317101457405575 KCB160096160042398075100 KCB18008鈥?/p>200108180047674090120 KCB25001502500661980110150 KCB285010鈥?/p>2501712850753740132180 KCB380022838001004980160220 KCB410024641001083740185250 KCB540032454001427980220300 KCB560014鈥?/p>35033656001480740250330 KCB760045676002008980280375 KCB700042070001849740280375 KCB960057696002536980355475Gear Pump for sales website:

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